Friday, 1 January 2016

How to install RIDE Editor for Robot Framework on windows

RIDE  editor is used to write and execute test suite for Robot Framework.

It is GUI tool which allows user to write test cases using template base and script. User can choose either ways to write cases.

RIDE only runs on regular Python. It does not run on Jython or IronPython


Note: We must use wxPython2.8-win64-unicode- if using win64 bit otherwise it will throw an error.

You can Refer my post to know more about Python and Robot Framework installation.

RIDE is distributed as separate installation packages for windows.

Click here to download RIDE packages. 


You can also install RIDE using pip. Click here to know about installation of pip in python.

Open command prompt and navigate to bin directory and run command:

 pip install robotframework-ride

After successful installation of RIDE, it can be started from command like by running .

Extract zip file of RIDE which you downloaded, go to src/bin and copy to src
Go to command prompt and go to directory of RIDE editor/src and run python

In both way It should launch RIDE editor.

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