Saturday, 2 January 2016

Installing Robot Framework with Python(an interpreter) using 'Selenium2Library' as library

What is Robot Framework: It is  Python based, extensible keyword-driven test automation framework for end to end acceptance testing.

It also known for acceptance-test-driven development(ATDD).

Though apart from Python we can use other interpreter also like Jython(JVM) , IronPython(.Net).

As Python 3.x is not yet supported with Robot Framework, we must use Python version 2.7.X or 2.5.X base version. click here to download python.

After downloading python install it by following simple wizard.

Now, set environment variable(PATH) (1) add location of installation directory of interpreter(e.g. C:\Python27)  
(2) add location of scripts are installed(e.g. C:\Pyhton27\Scripts).

Edit path variable and add above mentioned value.

To validate installation go to Command Prompt and type python and hit enter. It should enter in to Python mode with some info.

Now install the 'pip' which is standard Python package manager which makes the installation easy.

Note: We must install 'pip'  to execute below mentioned command click here to see installation steps.

Once we have 'pip' installed, open command prompt and run following command.

pip install robotframework

It will install all required files and can be see in Scripts directory of Pyhton.

Now we will install Selenium2Libraryopen command prompt and run following command.

pip install robotframework-selenium2library

Once it completes installation we are ready to go with Robot Framework.

Refer my post Integrate Robot Framework with Eclipse to start writing and executing your scripts on eclipse.

Friday, 1 January 2016

How to install RIDE Editor for Robot Framework on windows

RIDE  editor is used to write and execute test suite for Robot Framework.

It is GUI tool which allows user to write test cases using template base and script. User can choose either ways to write cases.

RIDE only runs on regular Python. It does not run on Jython or IronPython


Note: We must use wxPython2.8-win64-unicode- if using win64 bit otherwise it will throw an error.

You can Refer my post to know more about Python and Robot Framework installation.

RIDE is distributed as separate installation packages for windows.

Click here to download RIDE packages. 


You can also install RIDE using pip. Click here to know about installation of pip in python.

Open command prompt and navigate to bin directory and run command:

 pip install robotframework-ride

After successful installation of RIDE, it can be started from command like by running .

Extract zip file of RIDE which you downloaded, go to src/bin and copy to src
Go to command prompt and go to directory of RIDE editor/src and run python

In both way It should launch RIDE editor.

Installing pip(Python package manager)

'pip'  is consider best package manager for python. It makes the installation easy for user.

Here are the steps to install pip. Before we install pip Python must be installed in system.

Note: PATH variable must be set for python. 

Refer my post  Installing Robot Framework with Python(an interpreter) using 'Selenium2Library' as library for more information on setting PATH variable and more information.

Go to and copy all content of this page to one file in local system and name it as ''.
.py is python extension.

Now open command prompt and navigate to the folder where file is located.

e.g. d:\pip\

Run following command: python

It will install all required file for pip and we are ready to go with smooth installation.